International Journal of Hematology-Oncology and Stem Cell Research 2009. 3(1):37-39.

Abducens nerve palsy as initial presentation of Burkitt Lymphoma during Pregnancy Post–Cesarean abducens nerve paresis and Headache
Mohammad Jahani, Ali Arash Anoushirvani, Farhad Shahi, O Azimaraghi


Burkitt’s lymphoma is one of the most hematologic malignancies that involve the central nervous system. Our patient had a rare presenting symptom of lymphoma during pregnancy. It is reasonable to search for Burkitt’s lymphoma in every patient with abdominal mass and neurologic symptom. Involvement of cranial nerves especially abducens are among this neurologic complications but are rare as presenting  symptoms of lymphoma.


Abducense nerve; Pregnancy; Burkitt’s lymphoma

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