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The Diagnostic Value of Ultrasound-Guided Cervical Core Needle Biopsy in Diagnosis of Lymphoma in Suspected Patients


Background: Core needle biopsy (CNB) guided by imaging modalities seems to be an acceptable modality for diagnosis of lymphoma due to its safety, good applicability, availability as well as diagnostic accuracy, however; Studies have not reached a consensus on its diagnostic accuracy and factors affecting its performance. The present study aimed to assess the value of ultrasound-guided cervical CNB in the diagnosis of lymphoma in suspected patients.

Materials and Methods: This cross-sectional study was performed on 46 consecutive patients (20 to 82 years) with cervical mass or lymphadenopathy suspected of lymphoma and were candidates for diagnostic evaluation. Ultrasound-guided core needle biopsies (UGCNB) were done by a single radiologist under guided ultrasonography. The diagnostic value of UGCNB in the diagnosis and determination of specific lymphoma subtypes was assessed.

Results: Using UGCNB led to the diagnosis of lymphoma in 34.8% and non-lymphoma lesions in 43.5%, while the diagnosis remained unclear in other 21.7% with a total UGCNB-based identification rate of 78.3%. No patient with lymphoma was missed. All patients were followed up over a 6-month period. In none of the cases, clinical diagnosis and treatment response were found contrary to the initial pathologic diagnosis. No significant complication such as hematoma or infection was reported.

Conclusion: UGCNB has a high diagnostic value for determining the nature of the cervical lesions suspected of lymphoma. 

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Lymphoma; Ultrasound-guided core needle biopsies (USGCNB); Lymphadenopathy

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