Case Report

An Unusual Case of Hemolytic Anemia Reversed with Liver Transplantation


Spur cell anemia is acquired hemolytic anemia seen in patients with advanced liver disease, particularly in the setting of alcoholism, and warrants urgent liver transplant evaluation. We describe the case of a 58-year-old female with alcoholic cirrhosis who presented with worsening liver disease, profound anemia poorly responsive to blood transfusions, and multiple spur cells on the peripheral smear. She underwent a liver transplant, which led to the resolution of hematologic abnormalities and the need for transfusions. Our case highlights the significance of spur cell anemia as a harbinger of poor prognosis in patients with advanced liver disease and its reversibility with liver transplantation

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Spur cell anemia; Alcoholic cirrhosis; Liver transplant; Zieve's disease; Plasmapheresis

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