Evaluation of E-Cadherin Expression in Gastric Cancer and Its Correlation with Clinicopathologic Parameters


Background: Gastric cancer is one of the most common cancers in the world. There are many genomic and molecular factors that cause gastric cancer to occur. Also, many markers that associate with tumor invasiveness have been known. 
E-Cadherin is a calcium- mediated cell adhesion molecule. In some studies, abnormal expression of E-Cadherin has been seen in gastric carcinoma. However, in the studies done there has been some conflicting information about abnormal expression of this marker in a variety of gastric carcinoma and also about the expression of this marker and its correlation with various clinicopathologic factors of tumor.
Subjects and Methods: A case control study was performed on total or partial gastrectomy tissue samples obtained from 70 patients with gastric cancer and adjacent non-neoplastic tissues. The immunohistochemistry was used to assess E-Cadherin expression. The correlation between abnormal E-Cadherin expression and tumor histopathology was evaluated in all patients.
Results: Among 70 patients who were analyzed, 48.6% showed abnormal E-Cadherin expression. A significant correlation was seen between abnormal E-Cadherin expression and tumor stage, grade, lymph node metastasis, tumor phenotype, tumor type, depth of invasion and age.
Conclusion: Abnormal E-Cadherin expression is a common phenomenon in gastric cancer. Because there was a strong correlation between abnormal E-Cadherin expression and tumor stage, tumor grade, depth of invasion and regional lymph node involvement, this marker may be used as a predictive factor for tumor invasiveness in gastric cancer.

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