International Journal of Hematology-Oncology and Stem Cell Research 2014. 8(1):46-50.

A case of colon cancer with breast metastasis and krukenberg tumor.
S M Vakili, Majid Sharbatdaran, Askari Noorbaran, Sepideh Siadati, D Moslemi, Shahriar Shafahi


Colorectal cancer most commonly metastasizes to the liver and lung. Metastatic colon carcinoma (MCC) to the breast is extremely rare. Krukenberg tumor is an uncommon metastatic tumor of the ovary.
Case presentation:
A 38 years woman presented with abdominal pain. In evaluation colon cancer was diagnosed at stage 3. FOLFOX chemotherapy was done. After one year she developed Krukenberg tumor. Few days after ovarian tumor resection breast tumor was diagnosed. In immunohistochemistry both ovarian and breast tumors was CK7 negative, CK20 positive, compatible with colon cancer origin. This is the first case of simultaneous metastasis of colon cancer to two rare sites.


Breast metastasis; Colon cancer; Krukenberg tumor

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