Case Report

Massive Splenomegaly: A Rare Presentation of Megaloblastic Anemia


Megaloblastic anemia is a common disorder with various manifestations. Of the many causes, cobalamin or folate deficiency can eventuate into megaloblastic anemia. It can lead to pancytopenia and mild to moderate splenomegaly, but massive splenomegaly rarely seen in this situation. We describe a 39-year-old woman with marked enlargement of the spleen and pancytopenia that was found to have megaloblastic anemia. The splenomegaly and blood count resolved 4 months after initiation of vitamin B12 therapy. It is important to know massive splenomegaly may occur in megaloblastic anemia, and although it is rare, bur can reversible with early treatment.

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Megaloblastic anemia; Splenomegaly; Vitamin B12

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