Relationship between Breast Cancer and Cardiac Myxoma


Cancer treatment approaches are greatly improved in recent years. Myxomas are the most frequent intracardiac neoplasm, accounting for nearly 50% of all benign tumors. The left atrium with 75% of cases and the right atrium with 20% of cases are the most common locations of myxomas. Atrial myxomas are benign, slow-growing neoplasms that arise from the interatrial septum and extend into the left or right atrium. Right atrial myxomas may present as right-sided heart failure and pulmonary embolism. Breast cancer is the second most common cause of death among women worldwide. Eight percent of patients are presented with distant metastases. A large number of breast tumors are not random events, and some of them are due to the human genome alteration. Mammary carcinoma is a common familial cancer, which is transmitted in an autosomal dominant manner. We have noticed that patients with breast cancer visiting our cardio-oncology department are occasionally presented with cardiac myxoma.

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